Novozymes invests in Turkey food enzymes project, combats food wastage

In a bid to counter food wastage across the MEA region, Novozymes, the renowned biotechnology firm announced its recent investment in the Turkey based enzymes development project. Reportedly, the new innovation and technology center will focus on developing enzymes that will help prevent the flatbreads consumed across MEA from going stale.

The investment is a thoughtful measure for Novozymes considering the immense commercialization potential the MEA region holds for the food enzymes market player. Andrew Fordyce, EVP – F&B, Novozymes validated the statement quoting that yesteryear the F&B division registered a 9% growth rate and a major part of it came from MEA, particularly from the bakery and brewing businesses, reported

United Nations estimates reveal that about a third of the food produced worldwide is wasted. Middle East and Africa has rather been infamous with regard to this scenario. Turkey’s Bread Producers Federation statistics reveal that approximately 10%-20% of the 120 million bread loaves is wasted on a daily basis. The major reason quoted behind this is the inflexibility observed in the breads, later resulting in the product going stale and brittle.

Novozymes innovation center will focus on producing starch that has a lower tendency to crystallise, thus enhancing the bread’s shelf life. Not only this, the food enzymes industry player will also work toward reducing the amount of sugar in baking processes, in response to the changing demographic pattern in the Middle East demanding more sustainable and healthy products.

The firm is also set to expand its sales force in these emerging economies in a bid to counterbalance the slower growth in the matured baking enzymes markets such as the U.S. and Europe.

The 753 square feet lab is slated to open later this week. Novozymes has not revealed the fiscal credentials of the investment so far.