12,000-Year-Old Campsite Found In New Brunswick (PHOTO)

Archaeology Site in New Brunswic Fills the Gap of Local Timeline

Fredericton (The Camping Canuck) – CTV News and Global News recently covered the story of the archaeological site north of Fredericton, on Route 8, next to the Marysville bypass, in New Brunswick, Canada. Construction on a new bypass was ordered to halt work and move the construction site out of the way by the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure, two years ago when workers found evidence. The province invested $30,000 in the dig site and the work will be able to continue for another week or so.

Until now, there wasn’t must evidence regarding life during those years in the region. The 22 member team, composed of recently graduated archaeology field technicians, lead by archaeologist Brent Suttie, have unearthed a intact camp fire and over 600 artifacts, like ancient tools and spears, at the 12,000 year old camp site. Everyone is hoping to find clues leading to more possible discoveries.

There are a few other dig sites, like those in Pennfield area and the more well known sites in Debert of Nova Scotia that date back to 11,600 years ago, but we’re able to get a glimpse even further into the past of the region.

Evidence Of Massive Lake

There is evidence the grounds of the dig used to be shores of a glacier lake larger than any lake in the area and the whole town of Fredericton was under water at that time.

Some of the field technicians, like Shawna Goodall, have a long family history in the area and described the experience as surreal. They got goosebumps when they pick up artifacts that they realize they are the first to appreciate them in thousands of years, it became an emotional process.

Brent Suttie and his team are proud to be able the provide more evidence to researchers to better complete the time line of the region’s history.

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