Adidas’ fully-automated Speedfactory opens for business in Georgia

Reputed footwear brand Adidas has recently launched yet another completely automated Speedfactory near Atlanta to rapidly manufacture a limited set of new shoe models like the AM4NYC. For the record, the firm had already set up a Speedfactory of this kind in Germany and the one in Georgia is its second unit in line.

As per reliable sources, these two fully automated factories may have the ability to manufacture 1 million shoe pairs per year by 2020. The shoe manufacturing unit in Cherokee County, Georgia, near Atlanta, has commenced manufacturing of shoes through a completely mechanized production process. The new footwear, which is manufactured in the Speedfactory, is likely to target the shoe consumers of the New York City.

Gil Steyaert, a member of the executive board at Adidas & the chief of its global business operations, has stated that the company aims to generate half of its revenue through the sale of footwear manufactured through such speedy processes. He has further added that the firm is targeting the fast fashion model through which Adidas wants to bring its new brand more physically close to the U.S. customer base.

Some of the executives at Adidas have declared that the Speedfactory can customize the footwear indeterminately while still in the mechanized manufacturing process. The firm has emphasized that consumers can customize & design the product online based on their requirements and the firm will be able to manufacture the product without compromising on the manufacturing speed. Experts are of the view that complete automation in shoe production will help the factory produce shoes quickly as per the order for changing shoe specifications received from end-users.

It has been speculated that shoe production from the new unit will be limited as compared to its overall production. Last year, the firm had manufactured nearly 403 million shoe pairs. The company has additionally claimed that the two Speedfactories will complement its main product supply source without replacing it.