Alberta grizzly attack at Campground

A grizzly injured a young woman in the mountains northwest of Calgary on Tuesday morning, according to emergency medical services and the manager of a campsite whose son drove away the animal.

“The bear pulled the arm,” said Richard Blair, business owner Lazy H Trail and camping Trapper’s Hill, where police and paramedics responded to a call about an injured woman.

Richard Blair Coleman says his son, aged 25, saw the bear chasing a man and a woman near a river as he was driving on a road above.

“He noticed these people who were pursued by a bear and the bear finally grabbed the woman. He then rushed down the hill to help, “said Mr Blair.

Coleman Blair had no weapon, but shouted to scare away the bear, says the father.

Richard Blair explains that the female grizzly, which had two cubs in the sector, retreated across the river, but continued to stand guard on the other side. Coleman Blair took the opportunity to help the young woman and her boyfriend to go up the hill to the road.

“It could have been much worse, you know, when you start to disturb grizzly bear,” says Richard Blair. “They can do a lot of damage to the human body in very little time. ”

Cochrane RCMP confirmed that officers responded to a call about a possible bear attacks near the camp site Trappers Hill, northwest of the village of Waiparous but then asked wildlife officers to intervene.

The couple seemed to be trying to rest in the area of ​​the Ghost River when the bear attacked them, said Brendan Cox, a provincial spokesman responsible for the management of wildlife.

It indicates that the bear could not be located immediately after the incident, but that the area was cordoned off during the investigation of wildlife officials.

The village of Waiparous is located about 70 km west of Calgary.

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