Amazon to inaugurate cashier-free retail store in Seattle

Amazon, the globally reputed electronic commerce & cloud computing firm based in the U.S., is likely to inaugurate its AI driven Go store in Seattle today. It has been learnt that the store, which is located on the ground floor of the firm’s headquarters, helps the customers scan their mobiles with an Amazon Go app at a baffle gate, pick the products of their choice and then leave the store. The key officials of the firm have stated that this new app integrates machine learning technology with sensors as well as computer vision. It even assists the retailer in determining what the customer has purchased and charges the consumer’s Amazon account based on the number of items purchased. Reports say that the new AI system of the Go app has even been designed to help the cashier-less retail store to detect whether the customer has returned the item to the aisle or not.

As per sources, the retail giant had declared the Go store launch in 2016, however, the decision to open the store was postponed due to the rigorous testing of the artificial intelligence technology deployed in the app. The firm has declared that the store would have a staff for cooking food, assisting the customers in selecting the items, and stocking shelves. With the introduction of a new store, Amazon has thus added to its escalating store presence across the U.S. Business analysts have also claimed bright growth prospects for the firm across the grocery store sector post its takeover of the Whole Foods Market Inc., a U.S. based supermarket chain last year.

Reports state that the reputed retailer firm now owns over a dozen Amazon bookstores, which also sell small gifts, toys, and electronic gadgets. Experts view the firm’s move as an initiative towards increasing the operational efficiency across the retail stores. It is predicted that in the future, other reputed retailers are likely to follow suit in the event that Amazon’s move proves to be a huge success.