Amazon keen to expand its grocery delivery business in France

Amazon Inc., the globally renowned eCommerce giant, is reportedly planning to introduce grocery delivery services in France with an aim to expand its business across the food retail sector. According to Fortune, the firm had acquired Whole Foods in the U.S. last year for USD 13.7 billion, thereby raising speculations that it may further extend its food & supermarket business operations in Europe. Experts claim that this agreement marked a drastic change in the business strategy of the firm, which offers food delivery through Fresh services for over a decade. One of the key spokespersons of Amazon Inc. has also declared that the company’s food sector, with a high business growth potential, has always remained a strong domain for Amazon.

Earlier in February this year, Amazon along with its subsidiary Whole Foods, commenced a trial in four U.S. cities for delivering groceries & goods direct through Whole Foods. The firm has stated that it will introduce this new initiative in more such cities across the United States through this year. The program is seemingly available for members of Amazon Prime Now in the U.S. Reliable sources cite that the Amazon Prime Now service is also available in France from 2016, which may apparently help the firm to increase its geographical presence.

For the record, earlier this year, Amazon had announced that it will generate nearly 2000 new jobs in France. It is being speculated that a possible grocery supply agreement with Amazon is under the discussion. The Finance Minister of France has announced that the strategic decision taken by Amazon is certain to benefit France in numerous other ways apart from the generation of new employment opportunities for the locals.

Analysts are of the view that it is quite likely for Amazon to now sign partnership agreements with reputed French companies in the food products business, thereby ensuring perfect competition among the industry players in the region.