Apollo Endosurgery’s ENT device OverStitch Sx wins FDA approval

Apollo Endosurgery, the renowned healthcare and medical devices market giant, has apparently received the much-awaited green signal from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for its new endoscopic suturing system, OverStitch Sx. FDA has officially issued a clearance approval of 510k to OverStitch Sx, cite sources. An absolutely state-of-the-art version of its predecessor, this innovative full thickness endoscopic suturing system is claimed to possess a broader range of applications than the models that are presently operational in ENT devices market.

For the record, the existing product line that comes under OverStitch can only work in a limited number of dual channel endoscopes, while the updated version, OverStitch Sx can be seamlessly integrated with a majority of the single channel endoscopes, with a diameter range varying from 8.8 mm to 9.8 mm, according to reliable sources. Furthermore, it has been also claimed by the company officials that OverStitch Sx would provide clinicians complete access to the benefits of a full-thickness endoscopic suturing system, irrespective of the hospital’s selection of endoscope manufacturer or endoscopic capital equipment. Undoubtedly, this cutting-edge technology is one of the biggest scoops that ENT devices industry space has lately observed, state analysts.

For the uninitiated, endoscopic suturing system has of late become an indispensable component for a majority of endoscopic procedures. Amidst this scenario, Apollo Endosurgery’s OverStitch Sx would practically bring suturing technology close to every physician with an open access to an endoscope. According to trusted reports, the FDA approval signals a positive affirmation for this groundbreaking technology, primarily backed by the fact that it would ensure a more expansive patient access to noninvasive endoscopic treatments.

Allegedly, Apollo Endosurgery is planning to launch this new system in U.S. and Europe ENT devices market toward the first quarter of 2018.