The Arctic Svalbard Global Seed Vault is Flooded with Melting Ice

To protect the humanity from disasters, Scientists have made the Arctic Svalbard Global Seed Vault. The main aim of building this vault was to protect a large variety of seeds for humanity. The scientists closed the doors of this vault in 2008. They thought that nothing could damage this huge seed vault. Almost seeds of all kinds of crops are present in this seed vault in the form of packets. Scientists think that these seeds can fulfill the food needs of the humanity in any calamity.

But, the Global warming and other climatic conditions have threatened the security of this seed vault. There are reports that melting ice has flooded away the Global Seed Vault in the arctic region. The water has entered the entrance area of this seed vault. Although water cannot enter the vault, yet there is a danger of this vault being flooded away with increasing water in the region. Global warming is showing its affects on the Arctic region also. The big mountains of ice have started to melt and flood away all the obstacles.

This vault is standing on the Norwegian Island of Spitsbergen. There are almost a million packets of seed. Each packet has a variety of some important food crops. Norwegian government says that they have never thought of such extreme weather conditions. They also say that the rise in temperature has caused a lot of rains and melting of ice. The water has entered the entrance of the vault and frozen to ice.

He also told the good news that water has not entered the vault and the seeds are safe. They are still at the required temperature of -18 degree centigrade. Now, the question arises that even if the vault is safe now, there are many security concerns. People are thinking that whether it will survive some great catastrophe or not. Norwegian government is watching it 24X7 hours. They are trying to increase the security of this vault.

The Vault Managers are keeping an eye on the weather changes. They have installed pumps to such water out of entrance if ice melts. They are busy day and night in making the entrance of this vault waterproof. This is because the Arctic temperatures have raised more than other parts of the world. There are still dangers of its being melt away by rising temperatures. The year 2016 has proved the extreme of all years. This is because the temperature has raised about 7 degrees above the normal temperature.

Now, one thing thinkable is that whether it has happened for this year or will happen in the coming years. If the temperature continues to rise in the coming years, the Vault will be in danger of being faded away by the floods. The government is taking precautions measures to ensure its 100% safety. This is because the survival of humanity is related with the safety of this Vault.