Bald Eagle Rescued From Car grill

A bald eagle, trapped in the grille of a car in Florida become a trapped in a car grill.

As reported by CNN, the bald eagle became trapped in a passing car in Clay County, Florida on Saturday, presumably while minding its own business. The look on the bird’s face really says it all. But police and emergency responders were able to extract the unfortunate creature and get it to a wildlife sanctuary, where it’s currently being nursed back to health.

The Clay’s County Sherrif’s Office in Florida posted the photos to Facebook, adding that the bird is now doing just fine:

A citizen had a bald eagle fly in front of his vehicle and the bird became lodged in the grill of the vehicle. Clay County Sheriff’s Office and Clay Fire Rescue personnel responded and rescued the eagle from the grill. The bird is alive and was turned over to the B.E.A.K.S. Wildlife Sanctuary. Great Job by all involved.

BEAKS‘ owner, Cynthia Mosling, told CNN that the Bald eagle in the car grill appears to be a mature male, at least 7 years old.
Mosling said that a driver at an intersection noticed an odd shape in an oncoming car’s grille. Mosling said the driver thought it was a prop — but then noticed a head moving.
The driver then chased down the car, notified the driver that he had a bird stuck in his grille and then called 911, according to Mosling.
The Bald eagle car grill rescuers named him Matthew, in honor of the storm.
Matthew is “standing up and alert” and doesn’t seem to have any serious injuries, Mosling said.
Mosling, who evacuated inland this week, says she plans to bring Matthew back to her sanctuary, give him a checkup and will let him go if all is good.

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