Biden-Harris administration unveils new rule to ease health care enrolment

The Biden-Harris administration has reportedly proposed a new rule regarding enrolment for CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program), Medicaid, and BHPs (Basic Health Programs), in a historic effort to improve health care access for millions of Americans. This proposal also eliminates the coverage caps for children in CHIP.

The HHS (Department of Health and Human Services), through CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services), is reportedly working to simplify the application and verification process, and reducing red tape, making it easier for older adults, low-income individuals, and children with CHIP and Medicaid to enroll and retail crucial health insurance.

As per credible sources, the proposal follows Biden’s orders directing federal agencies to strengthen Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act.

Upon finalization, the rule would standardize eligibility and enrolment policies, like limiting renewals every twelfth month, giving applicants 30 days to answer information requests, prepopulated renewal forms, and establishing impartial and consistent renewal processes across states.

The Notice of Proposed Rule Making aims to solve the concerns related to renewal and enrolment processes and includes proposals to provide easy access to and retention in health care coverages.

It has been claimed that the Biden-Harris Administration proposes to end the limit of lifetime benefits in CHIP and allow children to be a part of the coverage by dissolving pre-enrolment waiting periods. The rule will also allow states to directly transfer children’s eligibility from Medicaid to CHIP with a raise in the family income, preventing lapses in the coverage.

In addition, the proposed simplifications would increase enrolment and retention for 65+ aged people and those with blindness or disabilities. In addition, the proposal includes ways that allow Medicaid to pay Medicare premiums for people with lower incomes. The rule will also allow automatic enrolment in Medicare Savings Programs for certain individuals.

Last, this proposed rule will standardize and update recordkeeping requirements for states, that would address the limitations in outdated recordkeeping systems to improve the integrity of the program.