Biometrics market firm Fujitsu to geographically expand its portfolio

The Japan-based technology firm, Fujitsu America, has scarcely declared that it plans to expand its range of biometric security solutions beyond the Asian borders. Sources state that the California headquartered biometrics market giant plans to extend its security portfolio across Mexico, Canada, the rest of the Americas, and the Caribbean.

For the uninitiated, Fujitsu’s cyber security portfolio is inclusive of the SAMURAI Platform, the Fujitsu PalmSecure family, Security Operations Centers (SOC), the RoboSOC (SOC in a Box) solution, numerous consulting services, Biometrics-as-a-Service, and other security services. At present, these services are available across the Americas (North, Central, and South America) and form an intrinsic part of the overall biometrics market. As per experts in the electronics and media industry, concerns with regards to security have been gaining widespread attention, in the backdrop of a scenario replete with high-grade breaches and data threats, which have laid the groundwork for organizations to place increasing emphasis on the adoption of biometric security solutions.

Fujitsu’s decision to expand its geographic coverage is anticipated to significantly transform the outlook of biometrics industry, in addition to further expanding the company’s consumer pool, since customers across Mexico, the Caribbean, and Canada will now be able to utilize the firm’s numerous biometric security solutions available with private, public, hybrid cloud deployment models. For the record, Fujitsu’s biometric identity & access management solutions, such as the PalmSecure palm vein authentication solution, are designed to provide security with regards to advanced fingerprint, face, and voice recognition and pattern matching.

The Head of Security for the America region of Fujitsu America, Inc., Jason Bradlee, has been quoted stating that the company is currently in liaison with numerous clients across the globe for harnessing biometric solutions to the fullest. In due course, say experts, biometrics market will have emerged as one of most remunerative business spheres in the electronics and media industry, given the pace at which security solutions have been penetrating myriad end-use domains spanning the globe.