AHA inks new blood pressure standards to control HBP among Americans

The American Health Association (AHA), post a long duration of 13 years, has reportedly set new blood pressure standards. According to renowned heart health experts and the AHA, nearly 50% Americans suffer from high blood pressure, on the grounds of which the AHA is looking forward to curb cases of high blood pressure for minimizing complications associated with diabetes and hypertension, cite reports.For the record, earlier, people with a blood pressure reading of 140 over 90 would be considered to have high blood pressure, however, now, in accordance with these new guidelines, people with more than 120 over 80 blood pressure reading would also be considered high BP patients. The new recommendations have apparently been put forth based on the outcomes obtained from different levels of blood pressure. The heart association further estimates that prior to the alteration of the guidelines, there were about 32% Americans who suffered from high BP. Now however, post the new BP range, it has been estimated that close to 46% would be afflicted with high BP.

The chief of the cardiology section at the Reading Hospital, Dr. Eric Elgin was quoted stating that high blood pressure has doubled the cardiovascular risk in the hospital. He further added that high blood pressure is a noticeable risk factor for heart attacks, strokes, blockage of arteries in legs, kidney failure, and blindness as well.

Reports cite that the occurrence of high blood pressure is likely to double among women under the age of 45 and triple among men under the age of 45. After these new guidelines, the newly classified group of people would need to take blood pressure medications, say medical experts.

For the uninitiated, though high blood pressure is not fully curable, it can be treated very effectively with the help if a suitable treatment plan that involves making massive lifestyle changes. Experts cite that following personalized health plan depending on the level of blood pressure is likely to help people lower their risk of major health issues in the future.