Camping Under Bad Weather: Survival 101

Tuning into the weather forecast isn’t really enough to keep yourself safe on all camping grounds. Since climate change is already rampant, you should prepare for the most unexpected calamities even if the weather advisory says otherwise. As a guide, below are important safety tips on how to survive camping under bad weather.


Tornadoes can cause devastation to even the most serene camping sites. If there are building nearby, get inside, duck and cover yourself.

If, unfortunately, you cannot see any nearby establishment, find the lowest ground near you and lay flat. Cover your head and stay alert.

Flash Floods

Surviving calamities isn’t as easy as it sounds. Once flash flood strikes, your best chance for survival is to run to the highest ground as quickly as you can. Don’t test the water if you are not sure how deep it is. Don’t attempt to swim against the flood because you’ll only end up drowning. If you see a nearby hill, climb it and stay there until the flood subsides.

Strong Winds

Contrary to popular belief, hiking out in the forest does not offer you enough protection from extremely strong wind surges. This is especially true if you are at a higher ground and you are surrounded by shallow-rooted trees. In case high winds blow your way, you should look for a rock formation or a cave that can protect you from flying debris and falling trees.


When lightning strikes, go indoors! However, this is easier said than done if you are camping under bad weather, coupled with the roaring sound of thunder. Basically, the best thing you can do is get into your car if you still have the chance.

If, on the other hand, your car is nowhere near your vicinity, position yourself and assume a lightning stance. To do so, squat and equally distribute your weight on your feet. Then, duck lower into the ground and cover both of your ears.

Also, stay away from tall trees if time permits it. If possible, stay at a lower ground and keep yourself surrounded with short trees.

Camping under bad weather is far from being a pleasant experience. Nonetheless, by being prepared for anything that can come your way, you can get out of your camping grounds alive. Remember, surviving calamities always starts with one important step: preparation.