China develops home test kits for diagnosis of cervical cancer

The renowned Chinese genomic behemoth, Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI) has apparently developed a new screening technology, SeqHPV, specifically for simplifying cervical cancer treatment. This new home test kit, as per reports, is likely to help people quickly detect the presence of cervical cancer.Sources state that this user-friendly home test kit enables women to collect their own sample at home without having to visit a hospital. The test results related to the possible chances of (HPV) human papilloma viruses can be received at home just by sending collected samples to the lab.

Reportedly, cervical cancer statistics state that by the end of 2017, about 12,820 women will be diagnosed with cervical cancer only across United Stated and about 4,210 people will lose their lives on account of this deadly disease. Moreover, in China, about 400 million women between the age of 25 and 64 are at the risk of being detected with cervical cancer and about half of them have already been screened. This innovation of home test for cervical cancer may lead to a reduction in deaths caused due to cervical cancer, cite reports.

In the developing countries, pertaining to the lack of awareness about the preventive measures of disease, limited therapeutic resources and insufficient treatment & screening facilities, nearly 85% cervical cancer patients lose their lives, cite reports. Considering the high rate of deaths caused due to the human papilloma viruses (HPV), the World Health Organization has apparently recommended women to undertake cervical cancer screening and take vaccines for HPV, which is likely to help reduce the occurrence rate of this disease.

The current medical scenario does not fulfill the requirements of screening, but home test kits could help women to resolve this problem, according to the Vice President of BGI, Mr. Liu Na. Reportedly, this kit is slated to raise the screening rate for cervical cancer across China, given that it inherently protects a woman’s privacy.