German carmakers launch electric car charging stations in Europe

A consortium of automobile giants inclusive of Ford, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, and Daimler have reportedly formed a joint venture termed as IONITY to create a pan-European system of nearly four hundred high power charging (HPC) stations for electric cars in Europe by 2020. As per sources, ever since the advent of electric cars, a fair percentage of drivers are uncertain regarding the ability of battery-powered vehicles, owing to which they have been exhibiting reluctance to use electric cars, and have been preferring to drive petrol or diesel-powered vehicles instead. However, this mega deal witnessed across the Europe car manufacturing sector is expected to allay the fears about battery-powered vehicles from the minds of car owners, cite reports.

As per some of the key officials of IONITY, this first-ever pan-European HPC network may generate bright growth prospects for the electric vehicle market across Europe with the fast charging stations providing online modes of payment. IONITY, which is predicted to have Munich as its headquarters, will unveil its first twenty charging stations in Austria, Germany, and Norway by the end of the year. Apparently, these stations will be located seventy miles apart from each other and can function in association with OMV, Tank & Rast, and Circle K.

According to authentic sources, in 2018, this network is anticipated to expand up to hundred charging stations from its current capacity of twenty. It is projected that each station will enable as many drivers to charge their cars during the same duration. Reportedly, each charging point will possess a capacity of 350 kilowatts, and will utilize the current European standard, also referred by the Combined Charging System, to decrease the time for charging vehicles.

The initiative to set up fast charging stations for electric cars across Europe by the German car manufacturers will provide an impetus to the electric car business in the region, claim industry experts. IONITY’s officials also state that the system is not specifically linked with any particular brand, which may prove convenient for drivers.