FDA orders Triangle Pharmanaturals to recall its Kratom Products

In what is being touted as a historic ruling in recent times, the U.S. FDA has ordered Triangle Pharmanaturals, a U.S. based firm, to recall all its products containing Kratom, a herbal supplement contaminated with Salmonella. The food & drug authority has stated that it had issued the mandatory recall order due to the lack of co-operation from the firm. The FDA has also requested customers to halt the consumption of the products with Kratom as their chief ingredient.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has declared that in March this year, the Kratom Salmonella epidemic led to the hospitalization of 11 patients from among 28 patients infected as a result of the drug consumption.

Earlier, the FDA authorities had collected and tested a few samples of Triangle’s Kratom products, which were sold through Torched Illusions in Oregon. The organization had declared that the samples tested positive for the pathogen Salmonella. Four other samples of Kratom products manufactured by Triangle had also tested positive for the disease-causing bacteria. However, Triangle Pharmanaturals had refuted the claims made by the U.S. food & drug authority and denied the access to the company’s data on the Kratom products. The refusal is what led to the FDA ordering a mandatory recall on the firm’s Kratom products, cite sources.

Incidentally, the FDA, merely a fortnight back, had issued a warning letter to Darwin’s Natural Pet Products with regards to pathogen problems at one of their production plant, according to Food Safety News.

Scott Gottlieb, the FDA commissioner, claims that the FDA’s decision was based on the potential health risk of product contamination due to Salmonella.  As per the U.S. drug authority, Kratom in this regard is harmful to human health and can cause abuse & addiction. The organization further announced that there is no medical evidence of Kratom or its products being effective or safe for treating medical conditions of patients suffering from chronic illnesses.