Germany imposes ban on Facebook to exterminate user data merging

In a recent turn of events, Germany has reportedly banned Facebook from mixing up Instagram and WhatsApp data with its platform’s data without seeking consent from users. Moreover, the nation has also warned the social networking giant about taking data from third-party applications and combining it with its own.

Reportedly, Facebook gathers user information from several sources over the internet, including 3rd party data along with its own applications, and conjoins it with users accounts, with intentions to create a clear picture about the users and sell advertisements.

If reports are to be believed, Facebook has received utter criticism for such practices from users and privacy campaigners who endorse that Facebook follows them across the web without their consent or knowledge.

According to Bundeskartellamt the Federal Cartel Office, Facebook has misused its market dominance to collaborate user information from an array of sources.

Bundeskartellamt stated that Facebook users can only use its services if they allow the social network to collect their data from outside Facebook site over the internet or through mobile applications and allot the information so gathered to person’s FB account.

Andreas Mundt, the President of Bundeskartellamt, was quoted stating that Facebook would no longer be able to compel its users to accept the practically unobstructed gathering and allotment of non-Facebook data to their users Facebook accounts.

This judgment will be enforced with immediate effect, however, Facebook has one month for filing an appeal against this, Bundeskartellamt noted.

In the meantime, Facebook has revealed that it has plans to file an appeal in the court of law.

Katarina Barley, Justice minister of Germany, stated that Facebook has gone way beyond its platform to collect user information. She further stated that she is rather pleased with the Federal Cartel Office’s decision which disallows Facebook from combining data from assorted sources of personal information about users of the platform.