Israel plans to become leader in global digital healthcare industry

The Middle Eastern nation of Israel incidentally plans to make a mark in the global healthcare and medical devices industry by emerging dominant in the deployment of digital health. In the coming months, the government of Israel aims to build the largest digitized medical information database that will be of immense help to healthcare researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and medical practitioners alike.

The ambitious project, apparently worth USD 275 million (NIS 1 billion), has been announced just recently, and will be launched in Q4 2018, cite authentic sources. The government of Israel will be recruiting close to 100,000 volunteers over the next five years for this research project that it claims will help the country hold the paramount position in digital healthcare.

As per reports, the project will be implemented in partnership with SAP SE, the Germany-based software magnate. Together, the German giant and the Israeli government will collect information from volunteers and generate a database for medical care companies and academic experts. The information apparently, will be used to develop personalized care and preventive medicines.

Eli Groner, the Director General of Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister had his two cents to say about the revolutionary project that may soon make waves in the Middle East healthcare and medical devices industry. He states that the government aims to lay the foundation of an all-together new industry here that will comprise medical startups, research & development communities, as well as pharmaceutical research. He further added that the government anticipates this program to be a major driving force for the nation’s economy in the future.

PM Netanyahu reportedly holds digital health in an even higher esteem than cybersecurity and driverless technology as far as its contribution toward Israel’s economic growth is concerned. According to his statement, Israel’s mission is to account for around 10% of the trillion-dollar digital healthcare industry. In effect, Israel’s current billion-shekel project is certain to catapult the country to greater heights not only in digital health but in the overall healthcare and medical devices industry, claim experts.