AHA collaborates with WEF to establish a global health program

The American Heart Association (AHA) has reportedly become a member of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the global pivot that helps to build policy frameworks and to promote associations to bring about advancements in the disciplines of science & technology. This strategic move, as per experts, is directed toward optimum utilization of technological innovations for encouraging healthcare reforms across the globe, and is allegedly also a vital part of AHA’s initiative to drive UN’s Sustainability Development Goals.

AHA’s maneuver, say experts, validates its commitment toward the medical space. For the uninitiated, the AHA Center of Health Technology & Innovation has already garnered a reputation of periodically partnering with companies in the healthcare technology market to offer evidence-based healthcare services to the end-users as well as patients by blending its content with digital heath solutions.

The induction of AHA into the World Economic Forum will reportedly help the latter in collectively designing new ways to support the formulation of policies & regulations for technologies such as precision medicine and artificial intelligence. As quoted by one of the top notch AHA officials, chronic ailments such as heart strokes and cardiovascular diseases are the escalating global health concerns of today, having led to increased mortality rates and economic upheavals. The collaboration between AHA, the World Economic Forum, and technology players such as Samsung & Qualcomm Life Incorporation, as per experts, will thus pave a way for the genesis of innovative as well as cost-effective healthcare solutions to eliminate globally prevalent chronic ailments.

The goal of the World Economic Forum, Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, encompassing a group of companies, governments, and civil societies, borders on being able to collaborate for bringing about innovative approaches regarding the governance of novel technologies. AHA’s inclusion in the circle is thus slated to help the non-profit organization further its commitment toward the healthcare space.