good mannerism in hiking in sloppy and bumpy uphill

One of the most interesting bit of my free time is that I love to explore new environment with high attitude and that is every hobby there are unwritten guidelines to make the activity interesting and enjoyable to those who are participating. Rules like not talking while eating during dinner are just an example.

In hiking there are no specific rule to follow but in the few hikes i have learnt the know how of every step.First and Foremost,the participants should talk in low tones and cellphones on low mode.this is to allow one to hear the tones of nature like birds.when taking a break,one should follow one side to allow others to pass without any obstructions.However as one moves up,tediousness comes in hence its becomes a challenge to adhere to one direction.

The trash should be not left littered all over the place as this endangers the animals in the ecosystem and also it portrays bad image and can injure hikers and even the animals.

Friendliness and fun goes together with hiking.Greeting your fellow hikers help to bring positive attitude and strength among everyone.Also it brings the fun and enjoyment meeting new friends and new environment.

vintage hiking expedition on mountain men women hiking poles

  photo credit:Photo  by Andrew Stephens. 

As the above photograph demonstrates how hikers going uphill have a right of way and the right speed should be maintained to sustain the momentum and also give those going downhill easy way to pass.

If you hike with a pet,one has to ensure that it is under control all the time.When you meet fellow hikers with also pets,recognise them and their owners and one can share the tips on how to maintain their pets on the trail.

Sometimes hikers are in a hurry to show their skills and speed but it is advisable to let them go at their own pace and in case one has to walk faster,it is good be polite enough and excuse yourself past them.Taking pictures of the memories of the hike is crucial but in this era of gadgets,they need to be used in moderation so as to not interfere with hike.Always have specific time to take the photos and store away the gadgets in their pack.

Having stop overs on the trail should be well managed so as not to distract others hikers by moving off the trail to have a rest.The place should be clear and visible.Also when hiking in a group it is advisable to ensure everybody understands the rules and who to report to when they encounter fellow hikers ,bikers and horses.The leader of the hike must note the weather pattern so to adjust immediately in case of drastic change.

Always remember to report any form of destruction and theft you notice on the trail by informing the management and they can even go ahead and advise them on how to tackle the challenges they face.All in all hiking remains one of the favourite hobby and in some cases I find going against  one or two rules; relaxation and exploring new things and environment remains key in hiking.