Goodix to officially supply fingerprint sensors for Samsung phones

One of China’s leading fingerprint access control system industry player Goodix, has recently announced that it will be entering into a definitive contract with Samsung Electronics for supply chain operations. Reportedly, the company will be providing its biometric technology for Samsung’s budget smartphone Galaxy J7 Duo aimed at tapping the Indian market.

Sources cite that the device will be using Goodix’s GW32J1 fingerprint sensor model that will be positioned in a home button at the bottom.

For the record, Goodix’s fingerprint chip is used by several China-based Android phone makers comprising Vivo, Lenovo, Huawei, Oppo, ZTE, and Meize. Industry watchers deem that by adding Samsung to its bag now, Goodix is all poised to expand its market presence overseas. The company is also actively tapping into the emerging automotive and IoT markets segments.

Goodix said that its single-chip fingerprint sensor GW32J1 has been particularly specialized to deliver biometric solutions for the Indian consumers. It further revealed that its entry into Samsung’s supply chain adds fuel to the company’s growth in the sustainable & smart technologies industry.

Analysts deem that in today’s era it is imperative to offer a high level of security & myriad safety features that can protect data across smartphones. Goodix in this regard seems to be constantly presenting differentiating values through innovative products.

The global fingerprint access control system market has been one of the most rapidly evolving business verticals of the sustainable and smart technologies industry, cite experts. They further claim that the intensifying safety, security thefts, & transaction frauds are indicative of the robust growth that has been taking place in this business sphere.

Reports reveal that Egis Technology & Synaptics are also fingerprint sensor suppliers for Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones.

Samsung’s Galaxy J7 Duo is available in the Indian market now for INR 16,990 or for about USD 255.