Headwall appoints BD & OEM Account Manager to expand Europe business

Headwall Photonics, a leading hyperspectral imaging platforms and instrumentation provider, has recently made an announcement confirming the appointment of Christian Felsheim as the Business Development and OEM Account Manager with the sales team for the European region. The company is supposedly focusing towards enhancing its business operations in Europe.

Reportedly, Cristian has been known to transform complex and powerful technology into customer value all throughout his career. Commenting on the appointment, Felsheim said that he looks forward to working with the European Sales Manager, Francesco Beccari, for significantly expanding the presence of Headwall in Europe and helping customers solve problems they face.

Felsheim believes that Headwall has the ideal combination of powerful and unique technology, along with world-class manufacturing. The company has experts who can take up the challenge to design and implement solutions for customers throughout its core markets of remote sensing, advanced machine vision, medical-biotech and defense, he added.

According to records, Christian Felsheim has earlier acted as Department Head at Hortmann AG and at Sensomotoric Instruments where he helped launch eye-tracking technology for different diagnostics. He was also the Sales Manager for Sensovation, a global leader in deep-cooled scientific cameras for endoscopy and OEM customers in the U.S. and Europe.

Felsheim has also held the position of Andor Technology’s Head of OEM Sales, expanding the firm’s reach into the machine vision and life science markets. Later, he had joined as the VP Sales EMEA for area and linescan camera manufacturer JAI A/S.

Holding a Diploma in Neurobiology and Computer Science from Germany’s University of Tübingen, Felsheim also has a Vordiplom in Biology from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and a certificate in Business Administration and Management from ILM.

For the uninitiated, Headwall Photonics is a world leader in designing and manufacturing spectral instrumentation for advanced machine vision, remote sensing, medical & biotech, as well as government and defense markets. Boasting a global base of OEM customers and end-users, Headwall leads the market through the design and manufacture of application-specific customized solutions.