High Water Levels Bring Concern of Erosion to Lake Huron


The water level in the Great Lakes is rising quicker than predicted. The outcome of high water levels tends to be erosion.

Water levels tend to rise and fall due to seasonal weather patterns. However, experts indicate that this ebb and flow is occurring at an accelerated rate, causing water to eat away at the shoreline. Erosion is beginning to cause damage.

In fact, the water level in Lake Huron is higher than it usually is this time of the year. Due to high water levels in the Great Lakes, excess water from Lake Superior is spilling over into Lake Huron at an alarming rate.

Water levels in the Great Lakes are influenced by a lot of conditions. Heavy snow in the winter will raise the water levels. Heavy rains in the spring can often cause the lakes to flood the area. Climate changes can also affect weather patterns. It is difficult to pinpoint just one reason for the increased water levels in Lake Huron. It may be the result of a combination of changes.

The biggest fear with higher water levels is the erosion of the land. If high water levels continue, it is likely the shoreline will be eaten away. This is a concern for businesses and homes that are built along the water’s edge.

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