LMD’s device to revolutionize healthcare and medical devices industry

In its persistent efforts to revolutionize the medical consultation services domain, Switzerland based healthcare and medical devices market giant, LMD has recently announced its next-generation smartphone-integrated system Health Sensor and App. The latest smartphone-as-medical-instrument would reportedly assist physicians in diagnosing numerous illnesses and enable patients to measure their crucial signs such as blood pressure accurately all by themselves.

For the uninitiated, the worldwide remote medical consultation services have been demonstrating unprecedented growth undercurrents over the recent years. Apparently, the inhabitants of developed nations have been gradually turning toward remote consultation owing to lack of time and inconvenience to visit doctors during medical center working hours. In addition, the rise of mobile devices across the world has eased the access to remote healthcare services to people irrespective of their location –  a factor that has provided lucrative growth opportunities to healthcare and medical devices industry participants.

As per the Hindu Business Line, the latest app would guide patients with regards to the extent to which they would need to maneuver their finger against the sensor installed in the smartphone. A total of 5 measurements including blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate, blood oxygen, and respiration rate can be performed at any given time within 60 seconds by following simple directives and no additional equipment. Furthermore, the app is said to be pre-calibrated in the smartphone and is ready to be used at almost zero cost to the user.

As per industry experts, smartphones loaded with LMD’s app would add effective and medically accurate information that can be utilized by doctors when they need it. Moreover, the results obtained from the app would be collected and archived automatically which would assist in monitoring health conditions in a more comprehensive and precise manner.

The latest app is being described as world’s first medically-accurate health monitoring system to have been unveiled in healthcare and medical devices industry.