Connective-Asimily deal to prove lucrative for healthcare industry

Connective, the cloud-based healthcare software company has reportedly announced a partnership with Asimily, the medical device management provider. The partnership of the two companies is aimed at providing enterprise clients with divergent integration between their systems to ensure that all the devices in a hospital are running seamlessly around the clock with optimum efficiency. Experts claim that partnership of this nature can pave the way for many similar initiatives in the healthcare and medical devices industry.

For the record, Asimily uses a network to automatically discover data about the workings of several medical devices. It includes device features as configurations, parameters, anomalies, incidents and relationships and prioritizes the most critical devices by running cyber-risk assessment, considering different device attributes.

Sources state that Connectiv will use its HTM system to deliver alerts for urgent repairs needed and facilitate managers to prepare equipment end-of-life decisions and assists on making better purchasing choices. Connectiv’s comprehensive asset management system combined with Asimily’s risk monitoring and management solution will give healthcare organizations a comprehensive solution in managing medical devices and monitoring them for cost, safety and quality. Experts vouch that healthcare and medical devices industry players are likely to follow the example set by the Connectiv and Asimily partnership.

Shankar Somasundaram, Founder and CEO, Asimily, has been reported to have said that the two solutions together will facilitate a healthcare customer in discovering, classifying, monitoring and profiling each device and piece of equipment in the network. Thus, the customer would receive a continuous update and a comprehensive master database about the state of every device.

Tommy Lee, Founder of Connectiv also commented on the partnership and said that such partnerships between innovative companies like Asimily and Connectiv will bring the best of solutions in healthcare and medical devices industry. It has also been speculated that through such agreements, healthcare organizations will be able to access end-to-end solutions for managing and securing their assets.