Pennsylvania inaugurates new medical marijuana registry for patients

The Pennsylvania State Officials have scarcely announced the launch of a novel patient & caregiver register. The medical marijuana will be available for the needy patients within six months, as per the key officials at the Pennsylvania health department. The director of the state’s medical marijuana program has asked the inhabitants who have displayed interest in the drug for treating their medical conditions, to consult their family physicians, while assuring their registration for the program participation. According to the director, over hundred medical practitioners have received the approval from the state’s health department to participate in the marijuana program. The information received from the authentic medical source states that the patients & caretakers can also register and participate in the medical marijuana program through the website of the state health department.

As per the legislations of Pennsylvania, before applying for the medical marijuana card issued by the state, it is mandatory for the patients to possess a medical certificate signed by the doctor stating that the patient is affected due to one of the seventeen critical medical problems that demand the drug. The disorders are inclusive of seizures, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and cancer. Patients receiving the card will then apparently be permitted to buy medical marijuana through the state-licensed medical marijuana clinics, which are also authorized to sell vaping equipment to the patients.

The state has also given a nod of approval to the two hundred thirty-one applications through its ‘Safe Harbor’ scheme, permitting the caretakers of the patients below the age of eighteen to acquire the drug from states other than Pennsylvania.

Earlier in the second quarter of 2016, the governor of the state had signed a medical marijuana bill as per which the drug can be availed in various forms such as pills, ointments, and oils. However, as per reports, the state department of health has forbidden the smoking of marijuana in its dry leaf form.