Microsoft to officially cease support for Windows phones from 2019

Technology behemoth Microsoft has reportedly revealed that it will stop supporting Windows 10 mobile phones effective from December 2019. Reportedly, the Windows 10 mobile version 1709 was the company’s last release of the operating system.

If reports are to be believed, Microsoft had announced in 2017 that it no longer intends to design devices and features for Windows 10 mobiles. As a result, the security updates applicable to the last release will stop from December 10, 2019, after which all Windows 10 devices will be unsupported.

Having competed and lost against other operating systems like iOS and Android, Microsoft almost lost hope in its dream of taking over the mobile landscape, market experts claim. Earlier, Microsoft acquired Nokia and launched a range of Lumia smartphones running on the mobile version of Windows. Apparently, the Windows phones with their appealing but limited MetroUI hardly took off and couldn’t compete against Apple’s iOS and Android OEMs. In order to make it more feasible, Microsoft launched universal apps but even that failed to attract developers and users to its platform, cited industry experts.

Sources further revealed that Microsoft is now recommending Windows 10 mobile users to switch to Android or iOS devices. Microsoft’s FAQ page even stated that with Microsoft’s end of support customers better shift to an Android or iOS device.

Once Microsoft discontinues its service for Windows 10 Mobiles, features like device backups for settings and certain applications will still work for another three months until 10 March 2020.

Although, the same FAQ page further stated that some services like restoring a device through an existing device backup and photo uploads might stay active for another 12 months from the end of support.

Back in 2017, Microsoft also terminated its support for Windows Phone 8.1, an end which was predicted by many. However, Microsoft is now focusing its efforts towards making apps and services for iOS and Android devices. The firm has already designed a launcher app, along with a line of Office apps and even a nifty translator, reported sources.