Specialty chemicals giant MPD Chemicals acquires Norquay Technology

In a bid to fortify its position in the global bulk and specialty chemicals industry, MPD Chemicals, the US based specialty chemicals manufacturer, has lately announced its acquisition of Norquay Technology, Inc. Sources state that the latest deal would apparently assist the Pennsylvania headquartered firm to expand its existing supply chain, consumer base, custom manufacturing processes, and product portfolio in a drastic manner.

For the uninitiated, Norquay Technology is a record fourth acquisition by MPD Chemicals’ Holdings platform, the other three being Silar Laboratories, IsoSciences, and Monomer Polymer & Dajac labs. It would be prudent to take note of the fact that Norquay, predominantly a bulk and specialty chemicals market player, has an impressive 30 years of experience in manufacturing medical adhesives, electronic, chromic, and UV performance products, with the consumer base that ranges from startup enterprises to established multi-national companies.

While speaking on the development, the Chief Executive Officer of MPD Chemicals, Carrington Smith was quoted stating that the latest buyout would augment the company’s cross-functional activities and bolster the value of existing product segment, which would eventually aid the company to offer customized solutions to more customers. He further stated that MPD, owing to its long history of expertise, would continue to deliver top-notch products to various business verticals and is looking ahead to explore new opportunities that have opened up as a result of the latest acquisition.

For the record, MPD Chemicals, a renowned name in the bulk and specialty chemicals market, boasts of a robust interdisciplinary expertise in manufacturing unique monomers, complex organic synthesis, and stable isotopes. The firm is equipped with a number of business units which are said to possess the excellent capability of scaling the product manufacturing from milligram up to metric ton batches.