Novo Nordisk step up to its strengthen obesity drugs portfolio

The Danish drugmaker, Novo Nordisk is aiming to enhance its product portfolio, reportedly, in order to further strengthen its prominence in worldwide obesity market. Given that obesity is one of the major causes of diabetes, Novo Nordisk aims to put in all its efforts to treat obesity by carrying out major clinical studies related to the disorder. Currently, it is reported, developing enhanced insulin, GLP-1 drugs, and new classes of biologics are the key priorities of the Danish drugmaker to build leadership in the medical sub-verticals of obesity and diabetes.With the establishment of diabetes treatment methodologies, Novo Nordisk is hoping to expand its obesity franchise across various countries.  For the record, since 2015, the company has been continuously involved in the invention of obesity drugs – Saxenda, as is known, is its first obesity drug launched in the same year. Recently, it has been reported that the firm has developed a new drug to treat obesity, which has depicted positive results in its phase 2 clinical trial.

Reports cite that the research team of Novo Nordisk is planning to commence a Phase 3 clinical trial for semaglutide in the year of 2018. The new drug in GLP-1 category, semaglutide, apparently has the capability to imitate an intestinal hormone, which further helps to produce insulin. Initially, the company plans to enroll nearly 4500 patients for the clinical trial program, which will continue for 68 weeks. In addition, Novo apparently, is also putting in its efforts to declare obesity as a chronic disease.

Sources cite that despite the pressure on pricing tactics, Novo is looking forward to expanding its business across the U.S. Speaking about the favorable initiative taken by Novo Nordisk, one of the renowned financial companies, Nordea, predicts that, by the end of 2025, the sales of the product from Novo’s franchise could reach up to USD 4 billion. The expected approval for the semaglutide drug is likely to further impact the business growth of Novo over the years ahead, claim experts.