Our Ever Melting Planet

A recent meticulous study of ice sheets showed that the ever continuous melting of most ice sheets will last for centuries.

It is predicted that the present rate of melting will raise the sea level by 1 meter by the year 2100. This may seem like a small amount, but that much increase in the sea level would drastically effect millions worldwide.

There is little we can do about it. Once these enormous bodies start melting, they don’t stop–for anything. This process has actually taken place since the beginning of time. However, we are only now able to scientifically record and analyze it. Scientists now know approximately when the melting process begins.

Although we cannot stop, we should not ignore the scientific facts. In addition to what is happening in nature right now, modern scientists have the tools to glean information from nature in the past.

For instance, scientists now know that during some warm times in past ice ages the water level was sometimes elevated by 8 or 9 meters. Studying the natural history of this process has helped scientist understand its present and future state. What has been found is that its present and predicted future is not so very different than in the past.

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