How to pack your backpack in the right way

Hiking with backpacks

Experienced hikers know that appropriately packed backpack will make the trip easier and save a lot of time when you need to remove something from it. Nothing should disturb you when hiking, neither swaying of the back nor its heavy weight. There is no one general rule how to make it right, but here are some tips that will definitely make your trip with a backpack more comfortable.

Put the things you need last of all at the bottom

Remember not to put the heavy things at the bottom. To distribute the weight right, put the heaviest things closer to your back. The bottom of the bag is for lightweight things such as extra clothes (don’t forget to roll them) and sleeping bags.

Put the heavy food against the back panel of your bag

Don’t put heavy things in the outer sections, as it will lead to the lost of balance. It is better to put heavy food such as cans, bottles, cooking gear at the middle of your bag.

Put the tent inside your backpack and attach the poles to the outside

Many people struggle where to put the tent. Some say that it is better to place it inside as you will not lose it and it is well protected. Other claim that tent takes a lot of space inside, so it is better not to place it there. When the tent is inside your bag, you have better balance as it is very heavy. Put it on the top of your sleeping bag and closer to your spine. Place the tent poles vertically on your backpack. Leave the tent sack at home, as it takes a lot of space.

Put the most necessary and small things at the top

Such things as rain jacket, water, map, sunglasses, compass, first aid and snacks should be easily accessible at any time. Make the list of such stuff and don’t forget anything important!

Fill all the empty spaces in your bag

If there is still some space left in your bag don’t leave it as it is. Put your most common gear on the outside of your pack. It includes trekking poles, camp chair, climbing ropes etc. Fill all the pockets with lightweight things. Now it’s time to go!

Have a nice and unforgettable hiking!