Papua New Guinea aims to sign multi-country electrification agreement

Papua New Guinea has reportedly invited New Zealand, Australia, the United States and Japan for collaborating together to support its improved connectivity and a target to connect 70 percent of the nation’s population to electricity by 2030. As of today, only about 13 percent population in Papua New Guinea have access to reliable electricity.

Apparently, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Australia, the United States and Japan are planning to sign a Papua New Guinea Electrification Partnership, supporting the objectives of Papua New Guinea for electrification. This high level alliance is a part of the enduring security and economic partnership between the countries.

The initiative will further be open to various partners who support values and principles that assist in maintaining and promoting a prosperous, open, free and rules based region. This partnership intends to be focused on the significance of sustainable, principle-based infrastructure development which is environmentally responsible, non-discriminatory, transparent, avoids unsustainable debt burdens, upholds robust standards, along with promoting fair and open competition.

The alliance further intends to adopt strong focus on investments which could provide training and employment opportunities for local communities and contractors. It also plans to ensure improved governance and coordination in the energy sector, as well as to deliver high impact investments.

Further from the reports, this initiative signifies a true alliance between Papua New Guinea and its main allies to propel growth and development for Papua New Guinea communities. The alliance is meant to be delivered by aligning with the plans and priorities of Papua New Guinea and would be implemented closely in association with PNG Power Limited.

On 18 Nov 2018, the Vice President of U.S. Mike Pence, the Prime Ministers of New Zealand (Ardern), Japan (Abe), Australia (Morrison) and Papua New Guinea (O’Neill) had inked a joint statement, marking the announcement of the new multi-country initiative. This initiative depicts strong commitment from the countries to support growth enabling investment in prominent economic infrastructure in Papua New Guinea.