Canada’s Ginseng to soon tap in APAC personal care ingredients market

Canada’s Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food is reportedly granting a funding of CAD 420,000 to the Ontario Ginseng Growers Association (OGGA). Sources claim that this capital is expected to be awarded for Canadian Ginseng awareness campaigns to boost the visibility of the product, particularly in Asia and other regions that are prominent avenues for bulk and specialty chemicals market growth.

It has been reported that OGGA will run social media and marketing campaigns that would publicize and increase awareness regarding the use of Ginseng in teas, soups, and cosmetic products. This grant will apparently be used to promote the Canadian Ginseng particularly in Asia Pacific bulk and specialty chemicals industry, as the region is witnessing increasing demand for the crop. For the record, Ginseng is one of the most powerful herbs with anti-aging, moisturizing, and skin stimulating properties and is largely used for medicinal & Ayurvedic purposes in some Asian cultures.

Personal care ingredients industry, as claimed by industry experts, is set to observe increasing demand for natural and high-quality ingredients such as Ginseng in cosmetic products. Analysts further state that the current trend of using natural ingredients in handmade cosmetics, lotions, shampoos, gels, creams, and massage oils is likely to strengthen Ginseng’s position in personal care ingredients market. In response, personal care ingredients market giants have reportedly been striving to come up with innovative beauty product formulations.

Considering that farmers at Ontario have taken remarkable efforts to produce the best quality Ginseng in the world, sources claim that this funding is akin to a kind of felicitation to keep up the good work. Experts further cite this funding as the government’s move to financially support farmer families.

Post the funding, analysts speculate the helping hand from the Federal government to transform Ginseng from an unknown entity to a global segment that may significantly disrupt the F&B and personal care ingredients markets.