PHNIX plans to release water source heat pump range across SEA

The renowned China-based manufacturer of heat pumps, PHNIX, has made it to the headlines for its announcement of unveiling a new portfolio of water source heat pumps. If sources are to be believed, this product range would be specifically designed for the Southeast Asia water source heat pump market.

For the record, merely a few months earlier, PHNIX had generated waves of anticipation in the electronics industry post its introduction of a range of novel heat pump water heaters at trade shows held in India and Vietnam. Commenting on the company’s consistent product launches, Mr. Peter Wang, Deputy General Manager, Global Overseas Business, PHNIX, stated that this represents the firm’s strong commitment to this emerging market.

As per reports, the latest water source heat pump designed by the company is a unique hot water cooling solution, highly cost-effective, and is more prominently deployed across domestic and commercial applications. The pump is also suitable to be used for industrial energy conservation. Reportedly, when the unit is used for space cooling and water heating, the current air cooled water chillers can be shut off as per the different requirements.

The unit is seemingly capable of simultaneously performing free cooling as well as producing high temperature outlet water. In effect, the unit uses the same amount of energy to provide users with cool air and hot water, contributing to tremendous cost-savings. Its incredible features are likely to place it in a highly enviable position in the product arena of the global electronics industry, claim experts.

According to Mr. Troy Wang, Product Manager, PHNIX, the company already boasts of the successful deployment of some of its heat pump units in the industrial sectors of the Indian sub-continent.

For the uninitiated, PHNIX is an international enterprise holding considerable prominence in China electronics industry and specializes in the R&D and production of heat pumps and other energy-saving solutions. Estimates claim that almost 50% of the products manufactured by the company are successfully exported across North America, Europe, and other foreign marketplaces.