SOCAR Polymer’s polypropylene product debuts in polymers industry

SOCAR Polymer, touted as one of the biggest companies in Azerbaijan’s polymers & advanced materials industry, has reportedly announced that it has manufactured a new range of polypropylene products and is ready for its testing and demonstration phase.

According to reports, it is for the very first time in the polymers & advanced materials industry that the final polypropylene product manufactured by SOCAR Polymer is undergoing a testing phase.

Reportedly, the test production process was carried out in the presence of the SOCAR President Rovnag Abdullayev, who had earlier visited the facilities of the Azerikimya Production Union of the SOCAR Polymer plant and Carbamide plant. In a company statement, SOCAR’s President was quoted stating that the restoration of the chemical industry in the region would bring forth a barrage of new & sustainable growth avenues and a renewed source of income for the company. He also added that in the year 2018, SOCAR will witness the completion of three big projects which will add substantial value to the company’s national wealth.

Sources reveal that the work related to the construction of the new units & auxiliary sites is under process and the company is further working toward upgrading the technological units of the Azerikimya Production Union. Azerikimya’s modernization & upgradation process is slated to be operational from 2019.

For the record, the SOCAR Polymer project is based in the Sumgait Chemical Industrial Park, Azerbaijan.  The SOCAR Polymer’s first stage production capacity, according to reliable reports, will be a total of 180,000 tons of polypropylene and 120,000 tons of polyethylene. The overall capacity is expected to surpass 570,000 tons by the end of 2021.

Sources cite that the polymers & advanced materials industry will witness the launch of SOCAR Polymer’s polypropylene plant project in the 2nd quarter of 2018 and polyethylene plant project in the 4th quarter of the same year.