Regina city council pledges for 100% renewable energy by 2050

Canada’s Regina city council has recently unveiled its plan to go 100% renewable by 2050, which means, completely shifting away from the fossil & conventional fuel options when it comes to producing electricity for the city.

According to the sources familiar with the matter, the motion was brought to the council recently on October 29, backed by councilors Joel Murray, Andrew Stevens, and John Findura.

Andrew Stevens was quoted saying that people at all the levels of government must take climate change seriously, and it also means municipal leadership for building alternatives. He further added that the pledge is just not only about fearing climate change, but about doing something about it.

As reported, while forwarding the motion, the council received a standing ovation from the audiences present at the city hall. Many participants were also reported to have spoken passionately on taking climate change seriously.

Mayor Michael Fougere said that he would like to be a huge cheerleader for Regina on the national platform. He was further reported saying that he is very thrilled and incredibly proud about this pledge and was pleased with what the renewable energy delegation had to express.

The city administration has been requested to return to the city council in 2019 with a proposed plan and framework to become 100% renewable. The plan is also expected to include a shift to wind and solar power.

Electric buses were also suggested by the members of the council.

It has been reported that the city administration will be seeking external funding to finance the project through the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. An amendment to the mention was passed by the council and with it the administration was expected to come up with at least four possibilities to enhance environmental sustainability of the city for execution in 2023.

The renewable energy motion that was passed in Regina’s city council is the first to have set an exact goal on renewable energy.