Robot completes 2-Hour Brain Surgery Procedure very fast

Robot completes 2-Hour Brain Surgery Procedure very fast


Brain surgical procedure is precision commercial enterprise, and one slip can spell doom for affected patients. Even in one of the most professional jobs inside the international, human error can still be a component.

Researchers from the University of Utah are seeking to provide less possibility for the ones mistakes to occur. A robot that the crew is developing is capable of lessen the time it takes to finish a complicated technique by 50 times.

According to CNN, the robot can lessen the time it takes to drill into the cranium from two hours to two-and-a-half of minutes.

The studies changed into posted within the journal Neurosurgical Focus, and the crew says it’s far a “evidence of principle” that the robotic is able to performing complex surgical procedures.

In operation

The robotic is guided around prone areas of the skull with the aid of statistics gleaned from CT scans and entered into the robot’s programming.

The CT scans show the programmer the area of nerves or veins that the bot will should keep away from.

The team’s lead neurosurgeon William Couldwell informed CNN, “We can software [it] to drill the bone out thoroughly simply through using the affected person’s CT standards,” he stated.

“It essentially machines out the bone.”

Aside from the obvious lifestyles-saving talents that this sort of system might have. It also should doubtlessly shop cash in the long run.


Shorter surgical procedure times will allow for decrease charges consistent with surgical treatment as well. There’s also the delivered gain of reducing the time a patient is beneath anaesthesia, that can cause its personal headaches.

Robotics and automation are slowly reworking the way docs are acting surgical operation.

Some patients can also to begin with draw back at the thought of a few system. Reducing into them and messing with their insides. But those robots can carry out with a precision that may be impossible for humans to obtain.