Sanofi partners Researchably to develop AI to sift through research

Researchably, a startup founded at the University of California, Berkeley, is conducting a trial with French pharmaceutical company, Sanofi, for using AI to examine thousands of research studies and surface the most relevant ones to pharmaceutical stakeholders.

As per Mauro Cozzi, COO of Researchably, their firm is collaborating with Sanofi and a small medical communications team, that reviews around 100 to 200 articles on Type 2 diabetes every day for informing business units working on competitive analysis as well as external doctors about recent advancements in their respective field.

Maciej Szpakowski, CEO of Researchably was reportedly quoted saying that around 30,000 new research papers are being published every week, and the number seems to increase substantially. The technology to sift through medical research and surface the most important papers is useful for pharmaceutical companies, but could also be invaluable to doctors.

Currently, the Researchably AI is used to find research papers that are relevant to a particular stakeholder within the pharmaceutical company, however the firm plans to further develop the AI to allow it to summarize an entire research paper into a miniature document, making it more digestible and easier to refer by practitioners and pharma company’s, said Szpakowski.

The implication of AI will not only be beneficial to pharmaceutical companies but also to doctors who apparently refer papers for serving their patients with latest researched and medically proven technology and solutions, claims Szpakowski.

Researchably basically aims towards making research much more accessible for every single human being, and the challenge towards this big vision is one that encourages the firm the most to move forward, he said.

As per sources, the company is currently working with three pharmaceutical companies and is looking forward to expanding its relationship with Sanofi towards making Researchably a global platform.