France & China unveil joint satellite for better disaster forecast

The countries of China and France have apparently collaborated on a space exploration and forecast project. If reports are to be believed, reputed space agencies of China and France have successfully developed a joint oceanic satellite, a first for both the countries, with a plausible aim to improve weather predictions regarding oceanic disasters such as storms and cyclones.

The satellite, tentatively titled CFOSAT (China-France Oceanography Satellite), demonstrates the combined efforts of the space agencies of both the nations. One of the many French scientists working on the project, Daniele Hauser has elaborated further regarding the practical aspects of the satellite, claiming that it would be used to enhance the forecast rate of wave behavior, storms, and hurricanes, which would help predict the occurrence of coastal activities.

As per authentic reports, both the countries have been conjointly planning to launch the China-France Oceanography Satellite (CFOSAT) by 2018, which may promptly be deployed to study ocean wave and wind patterns. The satellite apparently encompasses two French and Chinese technology based radars, vital to its functioning. Both the countries have contributed significantly to develop the satellite, cite sources. While the French party has been reported to have implemented a system to measure the wavelength and direction of ocean waves, the Chinese counterpart has been reported to be conducting research studies on wind direction and strength.

Initially, this project was estimated to fall under the jurisdiction of the French and other European space agencies. However, reports suggest that since the last ten years, China and France have been working collaboratively to develop new space technologies, which may have been the prevailing reason for both the nations to take control of the program. The presumption is validated by a statement quoted by Hauser – the French scientific genius states that the long-term working relationship of both the countries in space research advancement may have acted as a trigger for them to undertake the CFOSAT project with gusto.

Speaking with affirmation about the program, Wang Lili, the Chinese CFOSAT manager, was also quoted stating that China’s deal with France for CFOSAT was based on the country’s commendable expertise in wave analysis.