Sensory-Fujitsu collaboration to marginally influence biometrics industry

Sensory Inc, a Silicon Valley-based firm partaking in electronics and media industry, has recently announced its alliance with Fujitsu Limited to aid enterprises, retail and corporate banks, financial institutions, and various other sectors in embedding face biometrics within their mobile applications. Reportedly, the company’s face biometric authentication technology, named as TrulySecureTM, offers a highly-secure mobile banking experience without compromising on user convenience.  Furthermore, the latest technology is backed up with the FIDO Alliance certification which has reinforced its credibility.For the record, the FIDO Alliance is a cross-sector association that provides a robust set of certifications and guidelines for an emerging ecosystem of mobile, hardware and bio-metrics based authenticators. This ecosystem equips internet service providers to reduce password dependencies by deploying strong authentication solutions and safeguard against phishing which, consequentially, complements the continued efforts of industry leaders operating in the biometrics market.

In the backdrop of rising mobile payment and wallet applications usage in banking apps and e-commerce across the globe, face recognition has reportedly emerged as the most favored biometric-based user authentication technology owing to its moderate implementation cost, unparalleled ease of use and enhanced security features.

According to sources, TrulySecure offers a state-of-the-art neural net technology that runs solely on the device as it doesn’t store biometric data on the cloud, something which has never been witnessed earlier in the biometrics market space. The unique technology, is further reported to blend voice and face biometrics together for enhanced security along with an anti-spoofing method to prevent unauthorized intruders from accessing data of the authentic users.

Todd Mozer, CEO of Sensory, was quoted stating that the company is pleased to work with Fujitsu Limited where it is embedding its advanced biometric authentication technology, TrulySecure, in Fujitsu’s customers’ mobile apps who are increasingly preferring the latest user authentication services offered by leading firms operating in biometrics market.

Reportedly, Mizuho Bank, the leading Japanese financial services firm, is claimed to be the first buyer of Sensory-Fujitsu partnership. The company, apparently, has acknowledged to integrate Sensory’s TrulySecure facial recognition system into its mobile banking app.