Smell of Rotting Whale Carcass Stuns Motorists

LONDON – Canterbury, England – In what amounts of a modern day “Canterbury Whale”, a haul of a dead and decaying sperm whale left motorists gagging from the stench. The unfortunate whale had beached at Kent coast roughly a week ago. That was plenty of time for the huge mammal to start its pungent return to mother earth.

Local authorities decided remove the body to a local landfill where it could be properly discarded. However, there was no way to suppress the stench of rotting whale flesh.

Apparently, a plankton diet doesn’t smell so good after the whale has deceased. One local, Mark Stephens managed to snap pictures of the large whale body sans head and tail.

In his own opinion, the sight alone was enough to make a person want to lose their lunch. He explained that blood and bowels were oozing out of the body. In all honesty, local middle schoolers would have been thrilled to see such a sight – at least the male ones. Stephens said he once lived in close proximity to an abattoir (slaughterhouse) and the smell of this whale exceeded that. It is common place to dispose of dead dolphins and whales in landfills.

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