Stephen Hawking : “we have 1000 years to find a new planet’

It is often claimed the biggest reason our species colonize other planets and should research space is that we won’t have the ability to maintain all of mankind. That’s the driving force behind Elon Musk’s strategy to colonize Mars. And it’s definitely been the driving point that mankind should become an interplanetary-species.

And according to StephenHawking, becoming is something of a time-sensitive problem. Mankind has 1000 years to find and colonize new planets, he promised, or we’ll probably go extinct.

For nearly 200 years, the Oxford Union Society continues to be a forum for intellectual discussion. Previously, it’s also hosted such speakers as Richard Dawkins, Stephen Fry, Morgan Freeman, the Dalai Lama, and Buzz Aldrin. With this occasion, Hawking addressed a bunch of professors and students about mankind’s future – and space exploration two areas he versed in.

Mankind faces several existential risks, many of which are going to be a serious issue during the 21 century century as Hawking made clear. Included in these are, but aren’t restricted to, the risk of terrorism, atomic holocaust, Climate Change, and the rise of artificial intelligence. Create colonies when possible and the alternative, Hawking claimed, would be to enter space.

Although the potential for a catastrophe to planet Earth in certain year may not be rather high, it becomes a near certainty in the next 1000 years.


Additionally, back in January of 2016, Hawking warned that mankind’s technological advancement has the power to prevent this. This happened at the 2016 Leith Lectures during his address where Hawking spoke about black holes.

We face several dangers from devastating global warming, nuclear war, and viruses that are genetically engineered. Nevertheless, we won’t create selfsustaining colonies in space for the next hundred years, so we’ve got to be quite careful in this interval. Most of the risks we face come from your improvement we’ve made in technology and science. Reverse it, or we’re not going to quit making progress, so command them and we must understand the risks. I will be an optimist, and I consider we can.”
Likewise, Hawking suggested back that mankind’s survival beyond the following century would demand that we become a spacefaring race. Within an interview with Big Think, Hawking maintained the chances of mankind making it to the 22nd century were not high.

I consider the long term plan for the human race is to take space. Let’s trust we can prevent dropping the basket until the load has been disperse by us. But before anyone gets all dark, it should be noted that between our strategies to colonize the success of the Kepler mission, and Mars, we’ve discovered numerous planets which could function as possible houses for mankind.

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