Theatro & Honeywell join forces to develop mobile SaaS solutions

Theatro and Honeywell reach a collaboration deal to build enterprise-wide mobile SaaS solutions, empowering the retail store associates.

Theatro, a Voice & AI solution provider based in Texas, has reportedly entered into a partnership agreement with Honeywell, an American multinational software solutions provider, to create combined SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions for empowering the in-store workforce. Reportedly, under this transaction, Honeywell will be the official reseller of SaaS subscription services of Theatro, in turn complementing its portfolio of In-store Connected Retail Solution.

As per authentic sources, the joint solutions are expected to create a flawless service experience for Theatro’s SaaS platform subscribers, despite of their access either from Theatro’s Communicator or Honeywell’s Mobility Edge device. Sources further state that Theatro will enhance its mobile application software to be used on Honeywell’s mobile products, as a part of the agreement. By working together, the two companies, are likely to ensure that the users experience superior-quality voice communications over Wi-Fi networks on the respective technological devices.

Chris Todd, Theatro’s CEO, was quoted saying that creating an efficient in-store experience needs a significant collaboration amongst in-store systems and store associates. He further said that the Honeywell and Theatro partnership will expectedly help retailers develop enterprise-wide communications and partnership networks to be able to get the best hourly workforce.

It has also been reported that Theatro’s employee location potential, voice-controlled mobile apps, and analytical insight applications are designed for a more informed, engaged and diligent in-store workforce. Theatro’s integration with Honeywell will also enable in-store associates, who are well-equipped with Honeywell’s devices, to leverage the intelligent, in-ear voice applications as well as virtual assistant of Theatro to team up with colleagues and access the enterprise information systems.

According to Peter Howes, President of Productivity Products business of Honeywell, the combination of Honeywell’s hardware with the proven software of Theatro is anticipated to satisfy customers and aid associates in providing accurate information at the right time.