Tiger attack China: Woman Mauled By Tiger At Wildlife Park In China

According to media reports Monday, awoman is dead, and another severely injured after a tiger attack at Beijing Badaling Safari World. Part of the attack was captured in a surveillance video, which showed a Siberian tiger pouncing on one of the women.

This terrible scene took place under the eyes of a man and a child who were also in the vehicle.

Following a fight, two women left the rented vehicle (which is not advised in the middle of animals in the wild instinct far from extinct) and were prey of choice and easy for tiger playing in semi-freedom. A Siberian tiger was then thrown over her and driven.

The tragedy occurred Saturday afternoon when the two women came out of their car in Badaling Wildlife World, a suburb north of Beijing, said Sunday the government of the district of Yanqing.


The family was saved when zoo employees arrived to the rescue to hunt tigers .

A woman was killed and one was injured by tigers in a zoo of Beijing .

According to What’s On Weibo, this is not the park’s first tragedy. In March of this year, the park’s managing director was trampled to death by an elephant. In 2009, an 18-year-old was killed by a tiger, and again in 2014 a guard was killed by a tiger.

In 2012, a tiger escaped the park when the electric fences were turned off to allow a patrol car to pass, the Global Times reported. An employee at the Chinese Association of Zoological Gardens told Global Times that Chinese wildlife parks have significant security concerns because there are no standards in the industry.

“There needs to be specific regulations for this industry, which can potentially endanger people’s lives,” she said.

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