Tips for Camping in the Sand

Sometimes you just can’t resist of putting your tent on the beautiful sandy beach. Camping in the sand, with the sea just a few steps beside your tent can be really tempting. But, many enthusiasts can end up disappointed. Camping in the sand can be annoying and frustrating, so don’t put yourself into this adventure if you’re not prepared. Here are some very useful tips for camping on the beach, deserts or any sandy place.

Pitching stakes will not work as they do on the ground

In the case of camping in the sand, there is no firm ground to pitch the tent stakes in it. Therefore you have to dig holes around your tent in which you will place a stake. Find something heavy, a rock or plastic bags filled with sand, tight your tent down to it, and place it in the digged hole. Put an extra sand on the top of it, as much as you can. In the case of strong wind, put bags of sand on the outline of your tent.

Place your tent opening downwind

If your tent opening faces the wind direction, the wind will bring some fresh air into your tent. That can be very helpful during hot days. But, remember – that will also bring in the tiny sand particles! You’ll be dealing with sand in your stuff inside the tent, and you don’t want that to happen. So the best option is to place the tent door downwind so sand doesn’t blow in.

Keep your tent clean on the inside

Always use the tent zippers. Close your tent when you get in and when you get out. And make sure you don’t bring in the sand with you – clean your body before the entrance. You can use a brush or something similar for cleaning your body. And, remember – never enter the tent with sandy footwear on your feet. Store them outside.

Protect food, gadgets and yourself

  • Protect your food and dishes from sand and dust. Always leave your wet dishes to dry out, then you can successfully sweep dried sand from it.
  • Put your cell-phone, camera or any other device in the plastic bag, so the grains don’t get inside.
  • Wear eye protection or sunglasses. The sand in the eyes can be frustrating and can even harm your vision.