Verditek-Paragraf collaboration to alter UK graphene market dynamics

In what may be regarded as a significant breakthrough that is likely to influence the growth prospects of the overall graphene market, the United Kingdom-based firms Verditek PLC and Paragraf have recently inked a pact to work on a joint development program that aims to target a new solar technology based on graphene. As per reliable sources, both the companies intend to exploit the significant potential benefits of graphene to enhance the productivity and efficiency of solar power generation by developing cutting-edge solar panels and cells.

For the record, graphene is said to possess inherent thermal, optical, mechanical, and electrical properties in its single atomic layer structure, something which almost all existing materials in the polymers and advanced materials industry are not known to have in a single form. Furthermore, the material, an allotrope of carbon, has exhibited extraordinary theoretical characteristics that are achievable in real-world material forms, cite experts.

Reportedly, the objective of the latest program is to examine, develop, and authenticate the application of graphene to improve solar devices such as solar cells and panels. Apparently, the advanced mechanical and electrical properties of graphene would be applied to solar cells in a bid to accomplish a new breed of super light-weight and highly robust solar panels.

While speaking on the development, Verditek PLC’s Non-Executive Chairman, DR Geoff Nesbitt was quoted stating that the latest partnership is an exciting opportunity to harness the graphene manufacturing technology developed by Paragraf to enhance Verditek’s solar cells. Apparently, the firm is reported to have secured an agreement to ship the final piece of equipment to its subsidiary in Italy, which produces solar PV products.

As per reports, Paragraf’s innovative approach to develop two-dimensional materials, graphene, in particular, has been developed at Cambridge University. The new approach assists the firm in manufacturing these materials on a wide-scale which is anticipated to fundamentally transform the graphene market trends over the forthcoming times, cite industry analysts.