Verizon’s 5G service to debut on April 11 in US, will cost $10 extra

Verizon has recently announced that the company’s 5G network would be launching on April 11, 2019, in Minneapolis and Chicago, U.S. Apparently, this would make this company as the first 5G network to be publicly available in the U.S. that will actually be supporting smartphones.

Verizon has also revealed that the price of 5G mobile service would be raised by $10 more per month on top of its current three unlimited plans.

Reports indicate that for the base Go Unlimited plan, the new prices would be starting at $85 per month, for a single line. A price of $95 per month for the Beyond Unlimited, and $105 for the Above Unlimited plan. Apparently, the good news is that currently, the company is not holding users to those data throttling limits for 5G.

Verizon said in a statement that the usage of 5G data with moto mod is unlimited with no data de-prioritization for users, even on plans which ordinarily would do it. That is to say, the company is offering true, unlimited data to customers with 5G, however, the real test would be to see if this continues as 5G continues to roll out.

Verizon has been purportedly referring to its 5G network as ‘5G Ultra-Wideband Network’ and the carrier would be dependent on millimeter wave spectrum at least in part for delivering its 5G speeds. The company is not providing any hard estimates of what those 5G speeds, in the launch cities, would actually be looking like, but only promising vague platitudes such as ‘ultra-low lag time’ and ‘ultra-fast speeds’.

To use the 5G network, the first 5G-compatible phone to be available for customers would be the Moto Z3, though the company has already announced a number of other 5G phones that are planned for release later this year, including LG’s V50 ThinQ and Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G.