Natural Winter Shelters for Campers

Building natural winter shelters is not everybody’s expertise. However, if the strong storm can’t stop you from embracing a new adventure, you should be prepared to weather the strongest typhoon. Remember, preparation is vital to any camper’s survival.


Natural Winter Shelters

Building winter shelters can be close to impossible, especially if the storm is getting stronger by the minute. Luckily for you, you can resort to natural winter shelters if they are close to your standing point.

  • Caves

When you are stranded in an area, take refuge to nearby caves. However, you have to be really cautious because caves are usually occupied by wild animals. Before settling down, inspect the area for the presence of wildlife.

Plus, since cave rocks absorb heat, staying warm and dry can be a more challenging feat. Not to mention, if you have an open wound, your risk for infection heightens because most caves are moldy and damp.

Simply put, caves are only a great option if you need a transient shelter and nothing else is available within the area. If this happens, leave tracks and stay as close to the entrance as possible.

  • Rock Shelters

In case there isn’t any nearby cave, you can build shelters by piling up  rocks until it forms a U-shaped, 2-feet wall. Acting as a potent wind barrier, rock shelters can offer you the warmth and protection you need. When starting up a campfire, position it at the mouth of the rock shelter.

  • Low-Hanging Trees

If, for instance, building a rock shelter isn’t possible, find low-hanging trees and stay under it. This is way better than not having any form of protection at all.

However, you shouldn’t stay under low-hanging trees too long as it is not a stable winter shelter. Once the storm passes, look for a more ideal camping site. Or better yet, immediately ask for help.

In times of calamity, natural winter shelters are a camper’s best friend. Just remember, before packing your camping bags, do your research and always be prepared for the worst.


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