Apple & Aetna to promote new Attain app using the Apple Watch

Aetna, the American healthcare company, has reportedly collaborated with Apple to launch Attain, a combination health tracker & reminder application.

Reportedly, the app will use Apple watch to provide personalized goals for Aetna members, recommend healthy actions, track their daily activity levels, and eventually reward them for adopting these actions to improve well-being. The app also offers its users several perceptible incentives to fill the rings and finish the designated health tasks.

According to Aetna, the Attain app is touted to be the first-of-its-kind that is designed especially to offer a personalized experience to users that combines and syncs their health history with the power of Apple Watch to help them seek better health.

Jeff Williams, the Chief Operating Officer of Apple, was quoted saying that the company believes in people playing more active roles in managing their health. He further commented on the latest move and said that over the coming years, the company aims to make more customized recommendations that can help members live healthier lives.

As per a report by Reuters, the partnership with Aetna continues to push Apple into regulated areas, as the company is diving deeper into health features through its wearable devices, many of which were launched in 2014.

For the record, Apple had earlier introduced a watch with technology and power to take an electrocardiogram, which is an electrical measure of the heart’s activity and helps detect heart ailments. Sources claim that the unique feature had required an approval from the US FDA (Food & Drug Administration).

Both the companies confirmed in a recent statement that the collected data will not to be sold, shared by employees, or used to determine premiums. They further revealed that the entire data is encrypted both while in rest and in transit as per the HIPPA restrictions.

It has been reported that the Attain app is likely to be available in Apple App stores by 2019’s Spring.