Apple confirms radical new transformational technology for iPhone

Apple Inc. has reportedly confirmed a new, radical transformational technology after it recently published a patent for a folding iPhone. Reports cite, the Silicon-valley giant continues to experiment and fine-tune the technology while its competitor Samsung also continues to tackle the hardware behind its upcoming flagship Galaxy F, a folding smartphone that is based upon the same transformational technology.

According to a recent report, a patent was granted to Apple Inc. in 2016 that covered the folding technology. Recently, the U.S. Patent and Trademark published the second patent granted for the company’s folding smartphone. As smartphones continue to come out in larger phablet sizes, it becomes obvious that a folding design is a certainty in the future, especially as mobile TVs on 5G networks are on their way to the market.

Reportedly, the company’s second patent victory covers a new patent claims round that defines new additions to the initial invention. The primary focus is on a flexible hinge design. The secondary point reportedly touches upon fabric utilization for the housing.

The flexible hinges integrated between the first as well as the second housing portions wherein the hinges would flex to allow the rotation of the first housing section in relation to the second housing section. The foldable phone display has its first and second displays separated by a third display section that would be overlapping the folding portion of the housing wherein the flexible housing portion comprises fabric.

According to reports, the trifold method would allow around a third of the Z-folded display to remain visible. This visible portion would reportedly serve the purpose of a standby screen or even offer complete iOS features when the phone is closed.

The company’s first smartphone was a 3.5-inch device, yet many customers requested for a more compact design. The trifold technology would reportedly facilitate the return to the original form factor with the same amount of thickness and offer folding options for the Plus and Max iPhone styles.